Bill Murray was my bartender last night


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I blame Bill Murray for my hangover.

After hearing that the iconic actor would be bartending at his son’s restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, on Friday night, I figured I’d give him a shot.

Turns out, he ended up giving me a few too many.

I waited anxiously in line among dozens of screaming super fans — one couple proudly left work early and donned T-shirts with Murray’s face on it; another clad in makeshift “Ghostbuster gear.”

As soon as I got inside the restaurant, I snagged a glass of Prosecco and weaseled my way to the front of the jam-packed bar, where I refused to move until my next drink was served by the “Groundhog Day” actor himself.

I figured I’d better pace myself, since there’d be no way the insanely popular and busy Murray would actually show up on time, right?

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